Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It Matters

It matters where you "look"

Horizontal vision

If you keep your eyes darting around you ~ you will see all sorts of things....good, bad and ugly.
I fully realize that this is where we "live" BUT I also know that we belong to a Chosen Generation.
We must be careful as to where we set our eyes.

The "reality" that we see is most likely not the true picture of what is really taking place.
Once we have given our lives to Christ, we are  no longer our own.  We have given HIM control and He is intimately involved in our comings and goings.

when the dark becomes palatable
when the future looks bleak
when you feel unlovely and unloved
when the tasks look mountainous
when the provision does not measure the need
when the needs outweigh the wants
when your body seems to be breaking down
when your mind can't focus or remember
when you fall again and again and again
when the prognosis is bad
when fear knocks at your door
when you are left behind or out 
when you feel forgotten
when there seems to be no place to turn
not enough energy, time , ____________


Vertical vision


Fall to your knees and cry out to Him
He always listens!




Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Some days we feel  "up"
Other days we are "down"

But most of the days we are just EVEN....

Nothing "special" or "critical" is happening.  It's a get up, go to work, come home, go to bed type of day.  There is no drama of any sort.  The phone does not ring and there is no mail.  

Sometimes that is when the very smallest of seeds will get stuck in our mind and heart.   It finds its way in the stillness and scours for a crack to plant itself.    It may be a word said or heard in passing, a look or non look, a letting our mind wander and wonder.   

On those even days be on guard.   
Our enemy is forever looking for an opportunity to sneak in.  
 Bathe your day in prayer.  
Keep focused and 
find a Scripture to chew on thruout the day.  
Keep your armor in place.

Continue to encourage one another to walk in Christs' footsteps.

The church cannot afford casualties and we must watch out for each other.  
Even is not bad
It should be a place that we can rest in knowing that He is just as real as any other time.

Even now Lord Jesus Come!


Monday, October 29, 2012


A friend said this to me a while back;

"When I go to bed I think about Thanksgiving and when I awake up I want the anticipation of Christmas"

Do you have control of your "thinker"?
Too many today let their feelings drive them.  
They are held captive by their circumstances and conditions....  
Their family or lack of~ their job or lack of~ their friends or lack of ~  their money or lack of ~ all tends to dictate the way their day is going to play out.

Friend    YOU DECIDE~    
Again what does the Scripture say? 
Pray for the Grace necessary to walk it out according to what the Lord has said.

Today I will Bless the Lord
Today I will thank the Lord
Today I will cast my cares on Him
Today I will live victoriously
Today I will not be defeated
Today I will believe that I am in His care!

How 'bout you?


Sunday, October 28, 2012


This weekend mom and I visited the homestead in Maine.  It's kind of like camping when we go...the farm looks totally unkempt and abandoned until we walk in the door.  The fire is ready to be lit, the sameness of our surroundings, the rocker and "home" meet us every time.  

While we were readying to go out yesterday, mom was trying to get it all together....looking for her cane, glasses etc.  These small tasks can be exasperating for her.  
I hear her from the other room as she says, 
"Jesus I'm so glad that You know me".   

There is a WHOLE book in that statement and I think it is likely the Bible!

Even if you don't know Him ~ HE knows you!!!

When you are His child, when you have asked Him to be your Father, you have the awesome realization that He KNOWS YOU!!!  He has known you since the beginning of time,  He "knit" you together!  He plans your steps,  He protects, provides and promises to meet all your needs!

Mom was saying in essence "Lord, I'm getting old.  I can't remember anymore.  I walk slow and with a cane. I mix up the days of the week and the details of the day.   Many times I don't know if I am "coming or going"!

BUT HE KNOWS!   What more do we need?  So much of our life is lived believing we are the Captain of our ship..... and then we find we're not...(it does not matter the age or the stage)

It's a precious time, in some aspects, I think.  I watch and see how He has and is caring for her.  How He watches over her and keeps her.  The saying goes :  "Old age is not for wimps"

T'is true I guess but I implore you to get to know Him REALLY WELL today so that when you find yourself in that helpless state you will simply say

"Jesus I'm glad you know me"


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Your Orchard

Years ago we had a friend who would just drop by and talk and talk and talk.  He was a nice man but would often  get stuck on a subject and it was almost impossible to redirect him.  Sometimes we almost did not want to open the door.  

One day he stopped in.  He was kind of on a "rant" about how others were failing all around him.  "This one is not paying attention...that one should be doing something else" and on and on it went.

As I listened I felt the Lord give me a "proverb" to tell him.   I said  "Jack,  you own a beautiful orchard.  You have been caring for it and watching it for a few seasons now. It is nearing harvest time.  You have nurtured your trees to be sure to get a good crop.  During this waiting period  you have been spending your time inspecting your friend's orchards and fields.  You have taken careful note as to what has not been done and have many ideas as to how they could improve on their management of their fields.  It has bothered you  on many different levels as to their poor orchard "skills"

You finally decide to go back to your own orchard only to find that ALL the fruit has fallen off the trees and has and is rotting on the ground.  
You MISSED the opportunity that you had been waiting months to take advantage of! Now ALL your time and energy has been wasted."

"Remember Jack when we stand before God He will ask us ONLY about our own "job", "talent", responsibility.  It is ALWAYS easier to look elsewhere and find fault and have ideas and thoughts but that is not what God has called us to do.  We need to mind our own crops or we may forfeit them all!   I suggest you leave the other "farmers" alone and stay busy cultivating  your own fields."

The point was made and taken and he went home.

Jack is not alone.  How often we spend our time looking somewhere  else rather than deal with our own stuff.  

Be careful friend.  Don't end up like Jack.  Watch your "trees" as the fruit is going to be ready any day and you don't want to miss a thing!  God will take care of everyone else!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's One or the Other

Do you ever remember your parent saying this to you?  It's one or the other...You must make a choice, you cannot have both.

The Scripture says in James 3:11 "Can fresh water and salt water come from the same stream?"  It goes on to say we prove that we understand God's ways by living honorably and "doing good works with the humility that comes with Wisdom"

Matthew 6:22   You must have  a "single eye"   verse 24  "You cannot serve 2 masters...You will either love the one and hate the other...You cannot serve God and money"

God is a jealous God ~ He wants it ALL!   HE paid for it ALL so why wouldn't He want it all!!

Today the Lord showed me I was struggling with "resentment" 


I want my "stream" to be clean and clear, bubbling freely with no pollution.  God is kind and good to show us these "things" in our lives.  He longs for us to live free of all of "that".  The Scripture says the Lord chastens those that He love" 
Hebrews 12:6
Proverbs 3:12, 
Revelation 3:19 

We all realize we are not perfected on the day we meet Jesus... it takes our whole life to "work out" our salvation

I think we make it a lot easier on our selves when we "work with Him"   
Today I recognized what He was saying and admitted it. 
I asked for forgiveness and 
am determined 
to not let the situations at hand have that power over my life.   
I will set my mind to now live in the opposite realm.  
I will bless those that hurt me   
Matthew 5:44,  
Luke 6:28, 
Romans 12: 14-21

Beloved I pray that you will determine with me to be able to say on that day;  "I have fought the fight,  I have finished the race and kept the faith."  2 Timothy 4:7


Monday, October 22, 2012

Dead Men Walking

A number of years ago a movie came out in which a young boy was able to see into the supernatural.  A popular quote from the film was "I see dead men walking"

I think that we need to ask the Lord to give us this same vision.   They are all around us ~  the only difference?.....the ones we see are still "alive"

What a peculiar thought:  living dead.   But in fact isn't that what we looked like before we came to know the Savior?

First let's establish that you are indeed ALIVE ~ that you have taken eternal life as yours and that you walk with purpose and a call over your life.

Second, do you realize that the Lord wants you to be His light and salt in this tasteless dark world?  Are you ready and willing to be used by Him in these desperate times that we live?

There is need all around us.  How can we help?  The Lord will guide and direct.  He will cause you to cross paths with those that are seeking and need direction.  

Ask Him for eyes to see and ears to hear.  Ask Him for the ability to speak life and hope into those that surround you.

Break out of your earthly life and walk in the Spirit Who lives inside you!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

May peace be multiplied to you!

Friends:   My son, Hudson, was sharing this with me today and I thought it worth while to pass on:

These are the words that King Darius spoke after Daniel had been rescued from the Lion’s Den. "What was his crime to deserve being thrown into a den of lions?"  Prayer!   Daniel understood that if he was came before the Lord for his country, the Lord would do something miraculous.

Today, as I was reading a book in my room, an odd thought passed through my mind. I realized that I have never prayed at my window. It was a strange thought because I've never had a prompting to do that before. 
As I continued to think about this, not sure whether to just let it pass or not, I could imagine the Lord coming to the outside of my window to greet me. Realizing that it wouldn't hurt to actually go to my window, open it up, and come before the Lord in prayer, I decided to do it. I had to move some things around to make it accessible (which I think we all will have to do, in one way or another). I opened the window to fresh fall air and poked my head out. I felt a  bit foolish as this was not normal to me.
 I began to pray in the Spirit. As I was praying, the Lord began to speak to me. I immediately knew that the Lord was calling His people to their windows to pray for our nation. This wasn't about praying for one candidate or another; it was about surrendering our nation over to the Lord. As children of God and ambassadors of Heaven, WE are a nation  inside a nation and must keep that our first priority. Our job here is to invite heaven where we are, and to let the Kingdom manifest itself through us.

So, this is what I am feeling the Lord is asking us to do, for the next 30 days (10/22/12 – 11/20/12) we are to go to our windows three times a day and surrender America to the Lord. For the 15 days leading up to the election, we are to pray that the Lord would have the victory, and for the 15 days after the election we are  to continue to surrender our country to Him and place our trust in the Lord, as well as to pray for our new president.  

Thank you for hearing me out...
Hudson T Wells

Honestly, I have tried to stay out of the “political scene” because I don’t like the divisions it causes in the Church. This is the first time I have really felt the Lord speak to ME about the importance of this. So, this isn't some zeal from a political activist, it is a word from the Lord to me and to whoever else feels so inclined.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Tonite mom and I watched a weather channel special about a woman who got trapped in a snow cave while out running..... After many hours and at least 10 "coincidences"  she was found and is now alive and totally well.

You and I know better don't we?   We know that our Lord and Savior is intimately involved with and in our lives ~ and like I told Kendall years ago ~  You can never be lost cause God ALWAYS knows right where you are.

What a comfort.  

Do you have panic under control?  How about worry and stress?  Remember it is not God's will for you to have those traits active in your life    Christ dies so that you could be free of them!!  He is now taking care of all the details~!  

When things look dark and uncertain, remember, that is OUR view,  God's is different....He knows and sees the end from the beginning.  Rest dear in His great love and provision!

What a wonderful Savior~

I continue to ask for prayer concerning a computer    This one has frozen 4 times during this writing....
but then wasn't 5 times or more~!   Praise the Lord!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hebrews 5:14

"Solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil"

You are what you eat ~  "take in"  

What does your life consist of?  Sports?   Food?  Television?  Girlfriends? Work?  etc etc

The Solid Food is the Word and teachings of God.  
We, in America, have so much exposure to Christianity on so many levels many have become dulled and lulled to sleep.  Please pray with me that the Lord will wake His Bride so that she will not hinder His return.


Friends...I would like  you to watch and listen to this program about human trafficking.  It IS REAL.  Is is happening  HERE.  It is important to be aware and prayerful about this horror.   Please take this to heart and ask the Lord what your part is in this situation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth
Thy own dear pleasure to cheer and to guide
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all mine with 10,000 beside"

Do you believe it? 
Can anyone else tell you believe it ~ by the way to live?

A friend commented:
The Lord has been impressing on my heart to read Hebs 4. It's about rest,  They did not enter His rest because of disobedience. I looked up the Hebrew word for disobedience and in the N.T. it means unbelief - not believing in the gracious words/works of God.

We must walk this out....and as we do, by the grace of God, we will become more and more confident that His Word is true and we can align ourselves to It.

Friend, either you believe or you don't !  There is no fence to sit on....
If you struggle with this ~ go before the Lord and He will help you ~  He sees it all anyway...there are no secrets...

Only by grace can we enter
Only by Grace can we stand
Not by our human endeavor
But by the blood of the Lamb!
Into Your Presence You call us
You call us to come
Into Your Presence You draw us
and now by Your Grace we come

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Probably a decade ago (at least) a good friend of mine and seasoned missionary called to tell me of a dream/vision that she had concerning the area in which I live.

She saw a large field that was made up of black organic dirt (as a gardener we would call it "black gold")  Fertile soil....
In the very center of the field was a plant.  A stem with a "head" that looked like a large onion bulb that was covered with what looked like cobwebs.   She said she was interested that the soil was so rich but nothing was growing.   

The Lord's hand came and pulled out the plant and IMMEDIATELY the ground turned green with growth.

At the time we wondered if it was a leader that was represented by the plant...someone who was standing in the way of the Lord's work.

A couple of days ago I believe the Lord revealed what He was showing us...

The large webby* onion shaped plant  represents UNBELIEF.

As soon as I heard this it resonated  as TRUTH.   

Unbelief stunts.  
Unbelief keeps us from 
seeing miracles and the hand of the Lord. 
It holds His Grace and His Glory out of our reach. 

When unbelief is "pulled out" of our midst growth WILL happen!
Zillions of prayers have gone up over NE and for our churches.  Millions of seed have been sown by the faithful over the centuries, yet they have remained dormant...because of a root of unbelief.

Beloved Christ-Follower,  I am asking you to join me in the cause of eradicating unbelief.   I believe it begins and ends with prayer.  

Father, in the powerful name of Jesus,  I come boldly before Your throne and ask that unbelief will be pulled out of Your church.  I ask that You would first expose it in me and give me eyes to see it and the grace to do something about it as I repent and realign myself to You and Your Word.  Help us with this subtle, dangerous plague that is affecting Your Body.  Cleanse us and make us as white as snow.  

Friend.... as Thomas we might  say  "Lord I believe ~ help my unbelief".   Watch your words, be aware of your thought patterns, catch yourself and choose to believe.  


Stop, look and listen as the Lord is working in miraculous ways all around us
You don't want to miss it!


Webby*  I believe this represents the confusion that results from too much human intellect and not enough Godly faith...we become confused and are unable to  reason correctly

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Return

I was thinking.....

I find myself saying, quite often, that I am ready for Jesus to come.....
Tonite a couple of gals said the same thing.

Today ~ one thing stood out to me.

We are  looking forward to His return to "get out of here"  ~ "to not have to go to work"  ~ " to eat anything we want" ~ "to stop the insanity"

But How about Jesus,  
the Holy Spirit?

I realized my intent has been skewed   I have been thinking wrong....

Father, I ask you to forgive us.  Create in us a clean heart oh God and renew a right Spirit within us.  If You died only that my sins could be forgiven and my life have new meaning with no heaven...that should be enough.  
Lord there is so much that needs to be worked into us.  We are far from holy.  We depend on You Lord.   

You say that You will come for a Bride that is without spot or wrinkle (Eph 5:27)....wash and iron me~ Please Lord.  Do with me what you must, I only ask for the Grace to remain still and focused under Your surgery.

You who began a good work in us WILL BE faithful to complete it
(Phil 1:6)
Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary............... here...


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good People

As we drove home from church today I said, "Mom, we are so blessed to know so many good people!"
Her reply, "All God's people are good people and that is only because of God."

Well AMEN sister .... preach it!

God cleans us up, fills us, and His Holy Spirit is constantly working to make us look more and more like HIM~

SO how's it going?  Are you seeing His resemblance?   Are you taking on His likeness?  Do you see HIS face in the mirror?

I don't ask this to discourage you but to encourage you to LOOK.   From the first day of your Salvation ..things should be changing.   I met a new friend today who said she had just come to the Lord 6 weeks ago.  She said people have noticed a difference already!!   How wonderful and how encouraging!

Don't be afraid to face and/or  admit your short not become discouraged.  He chastens those that He loves.  If you begin to notice the "dust and dirt" everywhere in your life ~ don't let it beat you down...confess it and ask for help. 

The Lord WANTS to help!! 

His Holy Spirit will bring you through it and will change you day by day and before long you will say,    







Thursday, October 11, 2012

Like a Fourth Cup


You know that shakey feeling that you get ....kind of like a rushing inside?   

Today has kind of been like that to me.... I have had to work hard to "keep my peace"   I have had to talk to myself off and on all day.

Lord I praise You.  You are over all the universe and I need not be afraid.
Lord thank You that I only need to put my trust in You ~  None compares.
Lord give me Your Grace to accept what You allow to happen in my life.  Father keep me focused.  I choose to believe that YOU are directing my footsteps.  
I give you my worries, my cares, my needs, my situations.....I acknowledge You in all of it  and trust You with the outcome.  Give me the ability to STAND and not to be moved.  

I am going to go to my knees now and spend some quiet time before Him.  

Won't you join me?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To The Dump

To the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump....

Mom and I were singing this old "memory" on our way to the landfill the other morning.   

Oh, it felt so good to gather ALL that trash (especially after all our recent festivities) and get rid of it!

I was thinking, as we drove away, that it would be only a very short time before bags would fill up again, and we would be making this trip once again.

How like life.   I remember my Catholic  friend from next door growing up...every weekend she was off to "confession"   I, as a born and bred Baptist, had no idea what that might be like...I did not need to go anywhere!

Friends,  don't wait till your "trash" mounts up and begins stinking up all the surroundings.  Take care of it immediately.  Keep short accounts.  A friend once said that he could tell the maturity of a person by how long it took from committing sin to asking for forgiveness.  

I pray I will catch it immediately!!   

I don't want to play those games anymore...I don't want to fool myself and pretend that all is fine when it isn't.  There is too much to do and no time to waste...I want to be clean before my Lord


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can You Talk About Me ~?

This past weekend my "whole" family got together to share a few months of birthdays.  The 35+ of us sat in a big circle in front of the fire place and affirmed, shared memories, prayed over and loved on each member that was celebrating a birthday from Aug 1 to Nov 30.   Old and young alike were involved and because of the size of our family it took almost 2 hours to complete!   

Later in the evening when things had quieted down and most gone their separate ways, I was serving 2 of my grandchildren a sandwich to tide them over till their mom arrived.  As I placed it on the table my 3yr old granddaughter said,  "GrandBabe, can you talk about me?"

WOW  ~  this was hours after the "event" and much had happened in the interim, yet on this little one's mind was the memory of seeing some of her cousins, aunts and uncles etc be blessed with words of affirmation and it stirred in her spirit!   

I said , "Of course!" and right there at the table I said , 
"This is Zoe Wells.  She loves Jesus, (right Zoe? ~ a nod in reply)  She loves her brothers and shares with them (right Zoe? another nod)  She is a beautiful girl who is loved by her mom and dad and HER WHOLE FAMILY!!"  

Finishing with a hug and kiss she was contented in her place, her position, in the family.

Folks ~   This is why the Scripture says in Hebrews 3:13 to "encourage one another as long as it is called "today"

Hebrews 10:24, 25
Phil 4:8
Eph 4:29
Prov 10:11
1 Thess 4:18
1 Thess 3:2
Acts 15:32

Not everyone is feeling "a part" of the family of God....Let's "talk about each other" in a way that will affirm that each of us is a vital part of the Body, loved by God AND by each other.  


Monday, October 8, 2012

I Am Overwhelmed

Tonight I ponder ~ 

How did He do it? 
How did I get here? 
Why me? 
Is it even possible?

 I grew up in a house with 3 older brothers and my family was "normal".....for the most part! 
But, as most of you know, the Lord had a different plan for me.  In 1973 He asked me to "trust ME for your children".  
I had NO IDEA what that meant other than it was very possibly going to infringe on my rights, and I did not like that idea!

Thankfully the Lord had His way and over the next 18 years He gave us 13 children, 12 now living.

Today as I look back over these 40 years 
I ask those questions again and again...

Suffice it to say life has had its "ups and downs", happiness and sadness, sickness and health, better and worse.   There were days, if not years, that I teetered on the edge, thinking my life was over and that I had been abandoned, caught in a cruel joke.

But hind sight tells the truth.

This weekend my eldest son, 38, got married.  I expected that 10 of my children were going to be able to attend the wedding and my birthday which was the day before.   That was a gift in itself!  We had not been all together in 5 years.

The night before my birthday "children" began to come, Virginia, Maine, Cambridge, Missouri, Maryland, Texas etc etc I was so full.~ my children were home!  
That evening as we gathered in the kitchen enjoying each other a knock came at the door ~  

The Lord brought Weslea from Brazil!!
I was speechless!!

The next day, my birthday, many of us gathered at the Bagel Shoppe, with balloons  to celebrate.... we then traveled to Newburyport and spent the afternoon together while watching the cousins enjoy each other. 
Saturday we  ended the day with Dan's wedding.  Beautiful! We danced and laughed, spoke words of love and caring, danced some more and just enjoyed each other...
Sunday after church we gathered at the house for a family birthday party.  There were 39 of us present.

After eating and playing we gathered in front of the fireplace and celebrated each birthday that took place from Aug 1 - Nov 30  I had certain ones come prepared to speak about the birthday person(s)  and the afternoon wore on.  Prophetic Words were spoken, prayers and praise given, affirmation and kind memories were all shared.
I am speechless ~

Soon it was time for the Maryland clan to leave, then Maine, Texas and Missouri left this morning, Brazil by way of Haiti this afternoon, Cambridge tonite and Virginia tomorrow

Tonite it is quiet ~ Mom has gone to bed and I sit "musing"; reliving the words spoken,  the health and healing we have been blessed with, the grandchildren and the wonderful family that ALL love each other!!

My mind goes to this song :
. Jesus You're More Than a Friend

PS:  friends,  my computer is OLD and freezing numerous times a night as I write.  Please pray with me that the Lord will send me another that will aid me in the ministry!   Thanks in advance!  Blessings!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oil of Gladness

A few weeks ago, while praying with some friends, the Lord gave me a "word" for one of the women.  This woman had been experiencing a lot of pain in her joints due to arthritis.  It kept her from moving the way she wanted.

I "heard" the Lord say, "I want to lubricate her joints with the Oil of Gladness"  I felt to encourage her to buy a journal and the book "1000 Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and begin the journey of looking for God's blessings.  We all need to direct our thoughts in the right direction and receive the Lord's Grace.

Too often we become self absorbed because of the hardships in our lives.  This is a tool of the enemy.  Our perspective is off and our faith wains.  We cannot see past the present and the pain. 

 Does anyone understand what I am talking about?

We must "put on" the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness

Isaiah 61:3
Hebrews 1:9
Psalm 45:7

I encourage you to do a study on this topic.   It can only do you good!!  Let the Lord lubricate your spirit today and it will "run" better as will your whole day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Locked In

One day in prayer I was lifting up a brother in the Lord and asking  why there seemed to be no power over sin in this man's life.   I knew that he had been raised in church, had been taught and could answer most of the questions.  BUT he struggled and more often than not had no victory in his life.

As I prayed the Lord gave me a picture; I saw a blender.  The container came down and "sat" on the power base.  A finger touched the on/off button and nothing happened.  I said "Yes Lord,  that is exactly what I'm trying to say!  He has a foundation of power but it is not working out thru his life!"

The Lord then spoke to me....."He's not locked in."  The blender then twisted into a "locked" position and the power was evident.

WOW!  I LOVE the way the Lord speaks!  SO vivid!

Are you locked in?  
Do you recognize the Lord's power in your life?
Do you run on "grace"? 
Are you mindful of His Word and His promises?  
In Joshua 1:8-9 it says to "study the Word continually SO THAT you will be able to obey everything written in it....ONLY THEN will you prosper and succeed in all that you do...."

Take a moment and think about your walk with it powerful? Vibrant? Living?

I pray that you are locked in 
and if not 
that you will 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Weak Willed Women

I don't want to be weak willed.  

The passage in 2 Timothy 3:6 tells why we become is a result of being burdened down with sin.

Sin weakens our will.

In 2 Timothy 3:1-7 there is a vivid picture written of  life today in these  "last days".   I encourage you go go to this link and read it for yourself. Take a some time and study it 

It refers to MEN AND WOMEN.

So how do we protect ourselves?   
1  We must be in the Word and prayer
2  We must be in fellowship with other believers on a very regular basis
3  We must discipline ourselves using the Scripture as a plumb line
4.  We must be vigilant and serious.....

Remember the enemy prowls around seeking whom he may devour.  1 Peter 5:8   A lamb that is weak and straying is an easy kill

Please heed this warning today