Monday, November 25, 2013

Too Tired to Swim

The Maine home where I grew up bordered the lovely Sheepscott river.   Often I and neighboring children were known to swim in this clean water hole numerous times a day...especially during those dog days of summer. Although our swimming hole did not normally have a swift current, there were times that it was much stronger than normal;  after a storm, springtime when the snow was melting etc and if one got caught in the current, it could pose a real struggle for a young swimmer. 

I'm sure you all understand the ways of a carries.

Over these past weeks life has served up some situations that simply have put me off kilter. 
Some days I have done ok..others not so much.  

Struggling again today, I counseled myself with the Word, I simply realized I have been swimming too close to the current. Daily life, the news, family and relationships all have the ability to carry us off course as sometimes as shown above, seasons create stronger "pull" and we must be aware and on our toes.
When we get "pulled in" we begin to expend a lot of energy to stay afloat or keep on course.  We tire,lose our peace,patience and more often than not begin the spin cycle of leaning to our own understanding. We become preoccupied and often our emotions tumble to the negative side of neutral.  We are self absorbed.

Lord, I now see.
Thank You for, once again, rescuing me.
Thank You for bringing me back into Safety, that place under Your wing, where peace, security and Grace abound.
You long to carry Your children.  
Your Will is that we live in rest and peace, where no trouble abides.
Father help me to stay and not to venture into the stream or try to figure life out...

You rescue the souls of men
and once again
I thank you!