Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shortest Distance

is thru the Power of the Holy Spirit!!

A few weeks ago I was sharing with a friend over dinner.  I asked her how long she thought the process would take to change the current situation that she was in.  She replied " Well, it has taken us many years to walk into the woods and I guess it will take just as long to come out."

Well that would seem rational, correct?

The Lord gave me these words," that does not have to be the case.  We walk in by the flesh but when you walk out by "The Spirit" its supernatural and healing can come very quickly"

I love when the Lord speaks.  It tends to be just a phrase or sentence and has the meaning(s) that could fill volumes.

Friend, you may find yourself in a hole, out of focus, off the track and anywhere but "right" but the Good News is God is the Way Maker!!  HE can make a Way where there seems to be none!  He works in ways we cannot see!

Good nite Beloved

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today in Prayer Meeting one of the ladies had a word for another.  She said that my friend was like compost and that she saw small green shoots growing out of her.
Immediately the Lord reminded me that compost is from DYING MATTER and


When we die to self/our flesh, wants and desires, God uses that humility to do great things!
How encouraging is that!!  It is not for not!

So dear friend....Let's "die" together.  Let's make it a point to take the low road (which by the way is the high road)  Let us be willing to be last, overlooked, misunderstood, rejected.....

I want to be compost.  I want to grow good things...I want to fertilize others as I grow myself.

Friend I hope to see you in the garden!