Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mad to Missionary

Luke 8 recounts the story of the naked demoniac in Gerasenes.
The guy who had enough resident demons to enter and send a "great herd of swine" plunging to their deaths

Long story short...Jesus commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man making this once insane man one of us ;)
Crowds came to see the miracle of restoration.
V38  this man, now sane, kept "begging and praying Jesus to be able to go with Him and be with Him"
BUT Jesus sent him away saying"return to your home, tell your story of the many and great things that God has done for you"
The man departed, proclaiming throughout the whole city what Jesus had done for him"

How about you?
How about me?

Have you told? Have you spread the Good news that once you were blind but now you can see?  You were lame but now can walk?
The Scripture admonishes us to let our light shine, to not hide our Source of Life.
You know....


Shine. Friend. Shine!