Monday, June 9, 2014

Riding the Break

Today I was chatting with Wes as we drove to an appointment.  I was telling her that I knew that the Lord was asking me to "Embrace" my current situation.   I could feel my "hackles" rise even as I said it.  
The Lord showed me that I was living out His call on my life with the emergency break on. I remember,years ago, my dad warning me about that as I first started driving.  "Take your foot completely off of the break Marnie when you are moving forward"    
Have you ever had your emergency break "in gear" and tried to drive?  Do you remember the resistance and or perhaps the grinding noise that kept you from moving forward with ease?

Well the Lord is patient and slow to anger. He loves me and wants me to experience His best ..all that He has for me...TODAY.

Father,  Thank You for Your Kindness and Your Grace and Mercy.   

You are ever faithful to show me what I need to see.  

I see.

Please help me to understand.  I call out to you for what I need to truly embrace the place that You have me in.  I want to surrender, to be pliable and flexible in Your grip.

Help me Lord....I truly want what You want...