Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bracing Yourself

Last evening while sharing with a young mom, I remembered a time when the Lord taught me a valuable lesson.  As always He is forever trying to expose and tear down  wrong thinking and teach us His ways.

The winter before my youngest was turning 18 I began to "look ahead" (first mistake) and ponder how I was going to survive without the child support that I had been accustomed to.  I tried to figure it out....

While visiting with mom in Maine, she asked how things were going etc.  I proceeded to tell her my plight and that things were going to change drastically.  She responded with " well God will just continue to provide as He always has"

Mildly irritated I began to educate her about different Biblical men who had to "rough it out".  I mentioned Job, Paul and Steven.  Men, all devoted to the Lord, who still had to walk a rough road with a heavy load.  After I made my case, she responded, "Whose side are you on anyway?"    


I finally went to bed when I could not "move" her and as I settled down the Lord whispered to me.
"Marnie, you are bracing yourself against Me."
To which I replied..."no I'm not Lord, I'm just trying to prepare myself for what may lie ahead of me" (duh)

He then gave me a picture of a man and his son  walking away from me.  The father reached up to scratch his head and the son flinched cowering.  

It spoke volumes.    

"This is the picture that you are painting of Me.  
I am a Good Father.  I Never hurt My children.  You Must Never be afraid of Me.
My plans are Only good for you and I will walk with you through anything that I allow to come your way.  Do not be afraid of Me....or anything for that matter....I am Good and I AM Your God"

I asked for forgiveness and went immediately to sleep.  

I want to say a few things:

God has NEVER let me down.
God has ALWAYS been good
God has ALWAYS provided for EVERYTHING I have ever needed plus bonuses!

My friend, once again, come into alignment with what He says.....You will never be the same!