Thursday, January 7, 2016


Often when praying or counseling with someone I get a picture.  I love that the Lord does that for me.  It deepens meaning and helps with the understanding and remembering.

Today while praying with a friend I saw the game of Perfection after the timer had "popped" and thrown all the shaped pieces all over the place.  

The lord said "I did thought you had had placed everything where you thought it should be but I want to be in charge.
I have allowed this season where everything is not in order and I want to "right it" and set your life in the pattern I have for you"

Friend dont be afraid when Life goes awry.
God wants to shape your life in a way that is useful to Him and will glorify His Name.
He is the Only One Who can make Perfection.  Let Him take the wheel and order your life aright.

After all He created you in the very beginning!

When God Questions

Reading in Genesis today I was struck once again at the  scene between adam (with Apple on his breath) and God.  
In fact I often smile when recalling how God has asked me a question.  

I guess it's kind of a parenting tactic.  He knows the first couple are hiding and obviously don't want to be found... Never mind not wanting to admit to their wrong doings.

"Where are you hiding?
Who told you that you were naked?
Have you eaten from the tree?"

It's obvious that a lot of things are going on here. But what I see mainly is Relationship.  God had already been walking and talking in the garden with them.

He Knows friend and He just wants to talk about it....let Him in

For Better or for Worse


WHILE DOING A BIT OF SHOPPING IN TARGET  I noticed two middle aged men "holed up" waiting for someone to finish their shopping.  I assume that they knew each other but at the same time seemed a little hesitant in their sharing

It kind of went like this;
MAN #1
"I don't know why my wife is here.  She has more clothes than our closets can hold.  She just never has enough, wears something once and then loses interest."

MAN #2
"My wife has 48 pair of shoes....and then another 20 plus pairs for summer alone.  She wears them all but always wants more"

I sensed that they were both frustrated.  They obviously had both "lost their voice" if they ever had one. And had seemingly entered the Passive Zone.  You know the saying "happy wife..happy life". Then why didn't they look happy?

So girlfriends....are any of you just ignoring the subtle and perhaps not so subtle hints/looks/ sighs/ frustrations that your husband may be showing?  Have you turned a blind eye or deaf ear?  Do you care?  Have you gotten used to having your own way?

Do you really want your own way?

Men.....have you given up and shut up...?  Have you abdicated your role of "protector and provider"?  I'm not suggesting that it is going to be easy but it is obvious to me that something has to give if your marriage is going to grow

I know I'm stirring a pot....perhaps even going where angels fear to tread...but..the picture of those two men  who had obviously abdicates their position in the family.....saddened me.

It's good when someone takes the lead and I think in a marriage setting it should be the man.

Please remember it's just a "musing"