Sunday, July 17, 2016


this morning while readying for church I remembered a part of a dream I had had.  It remained vague and I asked the Lord if there was anything in it I needed to remember.
One specific part came to mind. 
I was on the phone with my was-band and was sharing some concerns I had about various things...
He said" marnie, I think we should talk in person because I believe our conversation is being recorded"

WOW!  Do you realize our conversations are being recorded???

Matthew 12:36 tells us, "on judgement day you will have to account for every (idle, thoughtless, careless) word that you have spoken."

Last night sitting with a group of Christian friends around a campfire I now am remembering the 1000's of words that were spoken.   How many of those words will be brought to remembrance on "that day"?

The Bible speaks at length about the tongue***.....How we should be slow to speak.....How we should measure our words.

It's a good reminder for me.  I'm not in charge of all that conversation but I will be accountable for my part.

I want to do better
James 3:11 "can clean and polluted water flow out of the same stream?"

James 3
Proverbs 18:21
Proverbs 12:18